Workshop on
High Throughput NMR Structure Determination of Proteins
in the Post-Genomic Era

November 1-2, 2003
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Time : Saturday and Sunday November 1st - 2nd, 2003
Registration Deadline : September 30th, 2003
Registration fee : Free
Place : Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.

Tentative program :

Saturday, November 1st
08:00 íV 09:00   Registration and Continental Breakfast
09:00 íV 09:15   Opening remarks (Sunney Chan and Andrew Wang)
Session I   Chair: Lou-Sing Kan
09:15 íV 09:25   Overview (Tai-Huang Huang)
09:25 íV 09:55   The view from the dark side: Dealing with flexible, aggregated and sparingly soluble targets (Ray Norton)
09:55 íV 10:20   High throughput screening of soluble recombinant proteins (Tin-Fan Wang)
10:20 íV 10:35   Survey on cell free protein expression. (Shih-Che Sue)
10:35 íV 10:50   Coffee break
Session II   Chair: Chinpan Chen
10:50 íV 11:40   Isotope filtered/edited NMR methods for the study of Biomolecular Complexes - Acquisition & Optimization (Rüdiger Weisemann)
11:40 íV 12:30   Multidimensional NMR spectral processing and experimental scheme for NMR structural genomics. (Guang Zhu)
12:30 íV 13:30   Lunch break
Laboratory Session   Coordinators: Chi-Fon Chang and Winston Wu (B1A Conference Room)
13:30 íV 14:10   Sample design and manipulations (Ray Norton)
14:10 íV 15:50   NMR data acquisition and processing (Weisemann)
15:50 íV 17:30   NMR data processing (Zhu)

Sunday, November 2nd
08:00 íV 08:30   Continental Breakfast
Session III   Chair: Ping-Chiang Lyu
08:30 íV 09:20   Tracked automated NMR assignments in proteins (TATAPRO) for high throughput structure determination. (K.V.R. Chary)
09:20 íV 10:10   Computer-aided NMR structure determination. (Peter Güntert)
10:10 íV 10:25   Survey on methods for ordering proteins in solution (Chung-Ke Chang)
10:25 íV 10:40   Coffee break
Session IV   Chair: Shan-Ho Chou
10:40 íV 11:30   Stereo-Array Isotope-Labeling (SAIL) Method : High throughput and accurate structural determinations of proteins (Masatsune Kainosho)
11:30 íV 12:20   Residual Dipolar Couplings in the Selection and Characterization of Structural Genomics Targets (James Prestegard)
12:20 íV 13:30   Lunch break
Laboratory Session   Coordinators: Chi-Fon Chang and Winston Wu (B1A Conference Room)
13:30 íV 14:40   TATAPRO - Tracked Automated Assignments in Protein(Chary)
14:40 íV 16:00   Computer - aided NMR structure determination(Güntert)
16:00 íV 17:30   REDCAT - Residual Dipolar Coupling Analysis Software Tool (Prestegard)

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