Wen-Jin (Winston) Wu's Pulse Sequence Library:

Welcome to my pulse sequence library. These (below) are my implemented pulse sequences (Bruker style, XWIN-NMR 3.5 version).   Sorry, I have not made the link yet, but I will email you the pulse sequence codes upon your request. 

l          Projection reconstruction NMR (TopSpin 1.3 or above required).New


l          1D proton:

l          1D X nuclei:

l          2D Homonuclear:

·         TOCSY with DIPSI2-RC (with suppression of cross relaxation).

·         Gradient enhanced jump return NOESY (for high-Q probes and fast exchanging protons).

·         ROESY with optional X-nuclei decoupling.

l          2D Heteronuclear:

·         Solvent exposed amides HSQC:

       (1) SEA-TROSY.    

       (2) CLEANEX-PM Fast HSQC; solvent exposed amide FHSQC

(optional 13C decoupling and carrier freq. jump for enhanced resolution).

·         15N NOE (water flipback).

·         Gradient enhanced spin echo jump return HMQC.

·         1H-15N HSQC with carrier freq. jump (for narrow SW).

·         3919 15N-TROSY with optional 13C decoupling.

·         3919 15N-HSQC with optional 13C decoupling.

l          2D Isotope-filter experiments:

·         15N, 13C-isotope filtered NOESY with 3-9-19.

·         15N, 13C-isotope filtered TOCSY with 3-9-19.

l          3D Heteronuclear:

·         15N-TOCSY-HSQC

·         3D 13C, 15N-fitler 15N-edited NOESY (for checking 13C filter efficiency).