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2020 NMR Training Course II
NMR as a tool for Metabolomics
High-Field NMR Center
Academia Sinica
Nov. 30, 2020
Date November 30th, 2020 (Monday)
Time 10:00 - 16:00
Registration Deadline November 23rd, 2020 (Monday)
Registration Link Registration ... over Deadline
Registration fee Free of charge
Place B1B & B1A, IBMS, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.
1F Auditorium, GRC, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.
Course Language Chinese 中文解說為主
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Introduction :

近年來,NMR已成為分析代謝體的重要工具之一,各種處理代謝體數據的方法也因應而生。此次特別邀請長庚大學健康老化研究中心,代謝體學核心實驗室駱啟仁博士分享他多年的代謝體分析經驗!希望藉由此次課程,讓大家瞭解如何利用核磁共振研究代謝體相關課題及處理代謝體的NMR Data 的流程。歡迎大家踴躍參與此次簡介訓練課程!!
Recently, NMR becomes one of the most common analytical tools in metabolomics research. We are happy to invite Dr. Chi-Jen Lo (Metabolomics Core Lab in Healthy Aging Research Center, Chang Gung University) to share his experience on Metabolomics NMR studies and Data analysis SOP.

Instructor :

  • Dr. Chi-Jen Lo 駱啟仁 博士, Chang Gung University

Tentative Program :

  • Introductory Overview
  • NMR Based Metabolomics
  • Metabolomics Data Analysis / Practical Hands-On
  • Q & A

Software :

Please download/install the software from Bruker in advance! Thank you very much!

Tentative Program :

Part I: Lecture , 1F Auditorium, GRC, Academia Sinica
10:30-10:50 Opening & Introductory Overview
by Dr. Chi-Fon Chang, Academia Sinica
10:50-11:00 Break
11:00-12:00 NMR Based Metabolomics
Dr. Chi-Jen Lo, Chang Gung University
12:00-14:00 Lunch Break
Part II: Practical Hands-On, B1A Meeting Room, IBMS, Academia Sinica
14:00-15:00 Metabolomics Data Analysis (I)
Dr. Chi-Jen Lo, Chang Gung University
15:00-15:10 Break
15:10-16:00 Metabolomics Data Analysis (II)
Dr. Chi-Jen Lo, Chang Gung University
16:00- Q & A

Organizer :

  • HFNMRC, Academia Sinica

Contact Information :

中央研究院 生物醫學科學研究所
11529 台北市南港區研究院路二段128號
Institute of Biomedical Sciences
Academia Sinica
128, Sec. 2, Academia Rd., Nankang, Taipei 11529, Taiwan R.O.C.
Phone : +886-2-27899047
Fax : +886-2-27887641
Email :
WWW : http://www.nmr.sinica.edu.tw/

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