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Title 2023 NMR Training Course I - Fragment-based Screening using NMR
Contents 片段基礎藥物設計(Fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD)) 是近年來廣泛應用在藥物設計方面的技巧. 而核磁共振已被廣泛應用在FBDD相關研究. 此次訓練課程,將簡單介紹如何利用核磁共振實驗來進行小分子篩選. 歡迎大家踴躍參與!!

Fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD) is a powerful method to identify drug-like candidates in the early stages of drug discovery. In recent years, NMR has been used extensively in FBDD. In this training course, we will briefly introduce how to apply NMR in fragment screening.

Date March 10th, 2023
Registration Deadline March 3rd, 2023
Last Updated 20230221
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