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Service Charge

HFNMRC Service Charge

(Starting 2024.01.01)

Item Academia
1 500MHz 1 120/hr 300/hr
2 600MHz 1 140/hr 350/hr
3 800MHz 1 200/hr 500/hr
4 850MHz 1 220/hr 550/hr
5 Small Molecule Data Collection 2 1,000/expt 1,500/expt
6 Experiment Setup Fee for Macromolecule 2 1,500/expt 2,000/expt
7 Fragment Based Screening 3
(data collection)
70,000/case 100,000/case
8 Fragment Based Screening 3
(data collection/processing)
100,000/case 150,000/case
* This fee might be adjusted according to the operational status.
  1. In case of regular Room Temperature Probe, reduce N.T.80 per hr.
  2. Set up one experiment within one hour. Data collection only, no data analysis nor interpretation is included. (For Academia, minimum charge unit is 15min/expt.)
  3. Follow existing Fragment Library SOP in HFNMRC. Please find “Fragment Based Screening Service” application form for details. Should you need other services, please contact us.
  4. Customized service is available, please contact us for details.

(Last updated: 3 Jan. 2024)

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