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Title 核磁共振核心重要訊息-AV500配置QNP低溫探頭
Attention: QNP cryoprobe installed at AV500
Contents Dear HFNMRC users,

I would like to announce that we have a QNP cryoprobe installed at AV500, which is great for 31P detection. Due to the change of probehead setting, please pay attention on pulse setting using "getprosol". Should you have any trouble using it, please contact facility members. We will be happy to help !!

QNP: 5 mm NMR CryoProbe for 19F, 31P, 13C and 1H observation

QNP Cryoprobe Sensitivity test at AV500:
1H 2270:1 (0.1% EB in CDCl3)
13C 1174:1 (ASTM in C6D6)
19F 1197:1 (0.05% TFT in CDCL3)
31P 988:1 (0.0485M TPP in Acetone-d6)

目前AV500配置 QNP 低溫探頭並開始服務 !! 請用 getprosol 讀取標準參數, 謝謝您的合作!! 如有任何疑慮務必請核心人員協助!! (請注意, QNP 探頭僅能蒐集 19F, 31P, 13C and 1H 四種核種 )

Best regards,
Chi-Fon Chang, Ph.D.
HFNMRC Manager

TEL: 02-2789-9157
Last Updated 20090713
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