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Title Attention: AV600_IBMS cryoprobe problem
Contents The cryoprobe on AV600_IBMS is not working well. The sensitivity drop 50% (S/N=2473 for standard sample now, but should be 4000); however , still better than regular TXI probe (S/N=1304). Thus, we have put back the cryoprobe for now, and will schedule another time in near future for fixing.

AV600 低溫探頭雖然故障 , 但目前標準樣品之S/N (=2473) 仍高於一般室溫探頭 (S/N=1304). 故AV600_IBMS 於 9月30日暫時回復安裝低溫探頭, 將擇期再送回原廠維修. 修復前採一般室溫探頭收費標準.
Last Updated 20090930
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