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Title 2018核磁共振光譜原理與應用工作坊註冊
Contents 日期:107年7月24日至8月9日

時間:每週二至週四 下午兩點至五點
第一週 7/24-7/26
第二週 7/31-8/2
第三週 8/7-8/9


聯絡人:徐尚德 02-27855696 ext 5120 |

  • 陳振中教授(台灣大學化學系)
  • 余慈顏博士(中央研究院原子與分子研究所)
  • 徐尚德博士(中央研究院生物化學研究所)

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  • Introduction of NMR hardware designs
    - Signal detection and Fourier transformation
  • Practical aspects of (solution state) NMR data acquisitions
    - Data acquition parameters - solvent type, pulse calibration, solvent suppression, relationship between spectral width, data points and acquisition time, decoupling, temperature effect, etc.
    - Data processing (hands-on practice with Topspin) window function, zero filling, linear prediction, solvent subtraction, baseline correction, etc.
  • Theoretical aspect of NMR spectroscopy
    - Product operator formalism
    - NMR relaxation dynamics and lineshape
    - Principles of multidimensional NMR
  • Introduction of common solution state NMR experiments
    - 1D 1H and 13C NMR
    - 2D homonuclear NOESY, COSY and TOCSY
    - 2D heteronuclear 13C/15N HSQC, HMQC and HMBC
    - Diffusion order spectroscopy (DOSY)
  • Applications of NMR in structural biology, medicinal chemistry and material sciences
    - Protein NMR spectroscopy, assignment and isotope-labeling
    - Molecular interaction mapping by NMR
  • Measurements and analysis of solid state NMR spectra under magic angle spinning

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Date July 24 - August 9 , 2018
Registration Deadline July 1, 2018
Places 台灣大學化學系121教室
Files 2018NTU-AS_NMR_summer_course.pdf
Last Updated 20180601
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