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Title 重要訊息: 本核心850MHz 自99年4月1日起開放服務
Announcement from HFNMRC: New 850MHz open for service !
Contents Dear HFNMRC users,

We would like to announce a great news that our 850MHz is ready to open for service!! The 850MHz NMR is equipped with TCI cryoprobe (see attached sensitivity information) and the service will open to public on April 6th, 2010. In addition, there are some changes on facility service and charge rate, please see attached document for details.

(1) 850MHz 光譜儀配置TCI低溫探頭已順利完成安裝測試,將於九十九年四月六日起開放服務,歡迎使用者開始預約。

(2) 自九十九年四月一日起,本核心設施管理辦法及收費標準修正如附件,本收費及使用辦法將試行三個月後評估。

Best regards,
Chi-Fon Chang, Ph.D.

NMR Facility Manager
HFNMNRC, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
TEL: 02-2789-9157
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